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Winter News

As the year comes to a close and we have completed our touring for 2015, I am still holding images of Florida in my head! That’s a good thing, as I...

As the year comes to a close and we have completed our touring for 2015, I am still holding images of Florida in my head! That’s a good thing, as I have returned to the winter of the Northeast. For this last southern swing we were joined by my buddy Jay Stollman, one bad ass singer and super fun cat! We worked our way along with Don Castagno on drums and Scott Spray on bass, through Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and then had the pleasure of performing 5 shows in Florida. I was more than ready to enjoy all of Florida’s perks such as warm air, sunshine, tropical breezes, plants and wildlife,and some pool time, and I thoroughly soaked it all up. We did have a fair amount of rain for our two outdoor shows at Earl’s Hideway in Sebastian and Guanabanas in Jupiter, but in true Florida style we played through it all and the folks were there to hang!
Happily, we established that audiences really dig the combination of both Jay and I out front with the band backing us on our own tunes and some really cool duets. This is really exciting because besides pursuing our solo careers, Jay and I are poised to present this package for 2016 tours!
A special honor for us was performing on the air for Blues Radio International hosted by Jesse Finkelstein. Jesse recorded our little unplugged performance for both audio and video. I’ve already got one of the tunes posted at my face book pages. Did I mention that Jay and I have a face book page together too?
It seems like one has to have a lot of irons in the fire these days to keep working. As the number of venues presenting blues around the country continues to shrink, and the style of blues that the younger audiences are into is closer to rock music, it is wise to be eclectic these days. I think this makes my collaboration with Jay kind of perfect timing as he is a high energy, soul/rocker! Myself, I grew up on so much great blues based music, rock ’n roll, soul and R’nB, that I am always happy to cover a lot of musical ground.
I have high hopes for 2016 and I hope you will all come out when the shows are near you! Right now I will wind down for the winter and go into woodshed mode. I do feel a writing jag coming on and I think I will pick away at writing my book again…lord knows I have no shortage of road stories and follies!
As my mom continues to age, I am very anxious to be with her through the holiday season and assess her health. I know there is so much I will be able to do for her, so I will head out to CA again this winter. This is a win-win for me and my mom as I get to avoid the cold back here in the northeast! Expect to find me playing some shows out there too. We’ll keep ya posted at the website and the facebook fan page.
If you are into having a very bluesy Christmas, check out this tune I recorded for a Christmas CD released on Cleopatra Records: It’s called BLUES CHRISTMAS, (who woulda thunk!) and my track is “Boogie Woogie Santa.” Enjoy. PEACE, Deb

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