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Summer 2016

I’m thrilled to share with ya’ll that after four months out west taking care of my mom, she has bounced back enough for me to return to the North...

I’m thrilled to share with ya’ll that after four months out west taking care of my mom, she has bounced back enough for me to return to the North East.  Honestly, this turn of events was not what anyone expected as it was really touch and go out there for a while.  This is a true testimate to my mom’s incredible inner strength and spirit.

Though I did play a few gigs in CA, this was not my major focus out there at all.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve been playing the heck out of my guitar and can’t wait to get back with the band and do some shows!   “The Debbie Davies Band is now accepting gigs for the summer and beyond!”  In fact, my first show will be May 29th at the Cypress Grill in Middletown, CT.  This show is with Liviu Pop who presents me every year in his blues series.  A native of Romania, Liviu brought me to his homeland  a few years back for a little tour that included the Sighisoara Blues Festival.  One of so many great places on the globe I am  grateful to have traveled as a blues artist.

Rounding out the show on the 29th will be Scott Spray on bass and Roy Rodriques on Organ.

Most of you know of the battle that Candye Kane has been fighting for over 8 years after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  It’s been said a lot but this does not diminish the truth about just how strong Candye was throughout her battle, and how great her spirit for life and living was.  Despite the on going struggle with operations, chemo. and trying to navigate her way throughout the health care system in this country, she never stopped touring, never stopped singing, and never stopped writing songs.  She may truly have been the toughest girl alive.  Her loss leaves a huge hole in the blues and roots music community.

Candye and I first met out on the road in the early ’90’s as we were both staying in the same seedy motel.  We were checking out, and she was checking in.  I can’t remember exactly where we were, but I know it was somewhere in the Midwest.  If Candye were here, she’d remember.  She was a sharp cookie!  We ended up chatting for quite a while in the motel lobby, laughing at how tacky the motel was.  I mean the walkways on both the ground and second floor were covered with some kind of nasty, green,  in-door out-door carpet that tried to pull your shoes off with every step you took!  Hey, it was the blues, baby!  We continued to share road stories.  Of course we had both been aware of each other, but up till now our paths had not crossed.  My image of Candye was that of a hard, bawdy broad, but the girl I was hanging with was sweet, girlish and charming!

There is a special bond between women that spend so many years out on the hard road.  We are still in the minority out there, but back in the day, our numbers were pretty sparse.  I’m very grateful to have known Candye, to call her a friend,  to have been inspired by her, and to have shared the stage with her.  My deepest condolences go out to two sons, Evan and Tommy, and to her musical partner, Laura Chavez.

Here’s a shout out to all of the young artists out there toughing it out and road and carrying the torch…keeping live music alive!

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