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Freeing Willie

Snow Day

Snow Day…I guess the hardest part of this crazy post blizzard day is having to accept that our show at BLACK EYED SALLY’S won’t be happening tonight!  Every gig is precious to me!   But I just spent almost two hours with Don, trying to dig out of the front door, and then dig a a path around the van.  But to get out at all, we had to remove the window in the door and begin shoveling from there, leaning out, then when we could finally get the door open, we proceeded to dig, slowly around the van.  But the snow is 3 feet high, and it’s kind of hard to know where to put it as you’re digging.  It just means we are building walls around yourself that are four or five feet high.

Next, I knew some neighbors in my condo complex would not be able to do this so I made my way through the 3 feet plus snow to my immediate neighbor’s door, dug him out, and then the neighbor next to him.  We knew it would be a while before the snow removal folks would even get here.  Now the fellow with the big blades on the front of his truck is out there, trying to cut a path down the middle of our condo parking lot.  Then we will have to shovel paths to that path to get out….but the big question is…where to put the snow?  The saga will continue for quite a few days!  Meanwhile, I will post some SNOW DAY pix!

On the Couch

Check out my live interview with Vinny Marini for MUSIC ON THE COUCH, a blog radio station that streams live and also archives all of their interviews!

You can read the full article and listen to the recording here.