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Debbie Davies is now offering SKYPE lessons for guitar lovers of all ages.  All you need is a high speed internet connection and a camera for your computer.  Many students are specifically interested in playing blues guitar, and Debbie’s 30 plus years as a player, her career as a blues artist; recording, touring and teaching, make her the perfect resource for this genre.

But Debbie is just at home teaching beginning guitar lessons, and very comfortable and patient working with young children.  She is a great source of inspiration and mentorship for young women who aspire to become players.

If you live in the CT area, and are more interested in a one on one lesson in person, Debbie does take on a limited number of students.

Debbie Davies knowledge of the guitar expands outside of the blues to rock ‘n roll, old style R’n B, and real funky stuff!  If you are interested in pursuing a lesson with Debbie Davies, please contact:




Good By Magic Slim xx

Good By Magic Slim

Deb and Slim:Zoo Bar


I’m carrying a sense of sadness around this weekend with the passing of Magic Slim.  It is always sad, now, when we lose any of our blues greats, as so few remain on the planet.  But Slim was a friend, and we go back to 1988.  I had a very special affection for the man, and I like to think he felt the same.  Rarely was there a time when I would play at the ZOO BAR in Slim’s adopted home town of Lincoln Nebraska, that he didn’t come out to hang out, sit at the bar and shoot the shit, and then sit in with us.  When he wasn’t there, I would miss him, but know he was on tour, often in Europe.

My initial Magic Slim encounter would not be the start of our friendship!  I was on tour with Albert Collins and the Icebreakers in Brazil, performing at a big Blues Festival in Reibeiro Preto.  With his giant sound and size, Slim seemed unapproachable to me and I was shy and new out there on the scene.  As we began to do many festivals with Slim, I soon realized that he was a big teddy bear, and I was so in love with his sound!  I always looked forward to seeing him and hanging a bit, and of course, hearing him and the Tear Drops!! I don’t think I am missing any of his CD releases.
One of my favorite Slim moments was a few years later when, with my own band, I was opening for Magic Slim and the Tear Drops at a club called Slim’s in San Francisco. Both  of us were signed to BLIND PIG RECORDS at the time, so we ended up in conversation with Edward Chemeleski, one of the executive owners of the company.  Edward says, “Slim, I think it’s time to make another record.  I’m gonna book some studio time and I want to make sure the studio is OK with you.”  Slim’s answer, which I will always cherish, was “as long as there’s no stairs!”  Spoken like a true blues man!!